So Much Stuff!!! (Mason’s First Road Trip)

Last weekend Mason got to go on his first trip to Florida, and we had a blast! It was a weekend of birthday celebrations for our Florida family with Hubby’s dad and the son of our best friends all turning one year older. So of course we made the trip down. It was also the first time most of them, except Grandma and Grandpa, had met Mason. Unfortunately not everyone in our little family could make the trip…Roo had to stay home (And we missed him like crazy!! Thanks to my bestie for watching him for us while we were gone and making sure he got plenty of walks and love!!); but honestly I don’t think we could have fit him in the car!

We were only there for two days but with the amount of stuff that was packed into the car you’d think we were leaving for a month! It is amazing to me just how much STUFF a two month old needs in order to travel. On a positive note, I actually managed to pack lightly for the first time in my life…solely due to lack of space! To get Mason to Florida he needed: his pack and play, tummy time mat, Boppy, Puj tub, stroller, plus of course his diaper bag, clothes, and diapers (one thing about cloth diapers, they take up a lot more space than sposies). How something so small takes up so much space is a complete mystery to me. And it makes me think about what people did before we had all these baby “essentials”. At the rate we (because I know I’m not the only one) buy the latest and trendiest baby gear you would think it’s a miracle we survived when we were babies! Whatever did our parents do without a Boppy? Use a regular pillow?? The horror!!!!

Once the car was stuffed to it’s gills we got on the road. We didn’t really know how Little Bear would handle such a long trip, but he did surprisingly well. We only had to stop twice between here and Orlando. Although by the time we got to Grandma and Grandpa’s house he was REALLY ready to get out of the car! Not even his light up kitty would pacify him; but in the long run 20

minutes of fussing is nothing. My cousin’s daughter absolutely hates car trips and will cry the entire time whereas Mason loves the car and usually falls right to sleep.

Ready to be Home

It was an exciting weekend for Little Bear; there were so many new people to fawn over and love on him and he handled all the excitement fairly well. Only a couple freak outs but those were due to pure over stimulation and he was just letting us know that he had had enough! So he got to have some quality time with his Grandmommy while Mommy and Daddy got to have an actual social life. Win win for everyone!The ride home went about the same as the ride there. By the second time we stopped so that I could feed Little Bear he was seriously ready to get home and start recovering from his exciting weekend. We had such a fun time in Florida and can’t wait till it’s time for another visit!

Back to Reality…and Happy to Be Here

We are back from the honeymoon.  And so excited about it!  Now don’t get wrong…it was wonderful.  I read two books, got a nice tan, and got in lots of “us” time (wink, wink!).  Having said that, seven days on a boat with 3K+ people is ENTIRELY too long.  There’s a reason I choose to spend the majority of my time around dogs.  Plus I got sick.  Just a head cold, but nonetheless, my nose was running like a faucet left on full blast!  And after two and half weeks of vacation the Hubs and I were really ready to get back to life in Charleston…not to mention all the stuff we had to do when we got back.  I was writing to do lists on the boat, and I’m still not done.

But like I said, the cruise was wonderful.  The food was delicious.  The seas were (relatively) calm.  The waters were crystal blue.  The beaches were breathtaking!

Our first port of call was Nassau, Bahamas.  We got there on the morning of January 2nd and the Bahamians were in full celebration mode!  I had no idea that New Years was such a big deal in the Bahamas but they were partying and parading like it was Mardi Gras!  There were huge floats in neon colors, girls dressed in butterfly costumes, and drum music filled the air everywhere you went.


After a “Fun Day at Sea” we docked in La Romana, Dominican Republic.  Being the travel bug that I am I always find it incredibly interesting to visit third world countries and to see how people on the other side of the coin live.  While we were there we took a tour of a 900 year old indian cave.  It was 75 ft. underground (coming back up was not so fun for 7 months preggers me) and had been used for religious ceremonies and ritual burials.  Ironically enough it was discovered by the Boy Scouts of America!  We also went to a market where locals were selling various arts and crafts that they had made and musicians and dancers were performing.

Our next stop was San Juan, Puerto Rico.  What a beautiful city!  I wish I would have enjoyed it more but by this time my cold was rearing it’s ugly head and I wasn’t exactly feeling my best.  We still ventured out and took a tour of the old San Juan fort.  To say that there were a lot of hills is a gross understatement.  But I waddled up them and got my history on.  There were great views of the old city at the top and it was completely worth the waddle up.  The other side of the fort was built on a cliff and had amazing views of the ocean.  It was a little scary sitting on the edge for pictures….my balance isn’t quite what it used to be!

The last stop of the cruise was the one I was looking forward to the most, and it didn’t disappoint, Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos.  Ahhh paradise.  We did absolutely nothing but lay on the beach.  The perfect day.  We even found a stretch of beach where we were all alone.  The beaches were covered in conch shells and we took a nice walk along the shore and found three perfect conch shells to bring back with us (one for us and one for each of our mothers).  If I could spend the rest of my days on the islands T&C would be the place.  

All in all it was a great cruise with some great destinations.  But, as always, it’s great to be home!  We missed our little house.  And now it’s time to focus on getting ready for Mason’s arrival in April!!!