ABC Quilt

I am obsessed with all things sewing and embroidery. Maybe because it’s therapeutic, maybe I’m a 27 year old trapped in a Granny’s body. Either way I think it’s awesome and it’s my hobby, so there. I could spend hours at my local fabric store, just browsing through the pretty prints and looking at the many different colors of embroidery floss. It’s my form of escapism.  Since I started sewing, about a year ago, I have always been in the middle of a project or two, and when I found out we would have a little one joining our family my sewing gene went into overdrive. It’s so much fun to make things for Little Bear especially when I think about the years to come when he’ll have these keepsakes to treasure and say “My Mummy made this for me.”.

The project I’m working on right now…that will hopefully be done in time for his first birthday…is an ABC quilt. I found the pattern while rummaging through the sale bin during one of my many decompression trips to the fabric store and knew it would be the perfect project to hang in the nursery.  I was originally hoping to be finished with it by Christmastime, but with everything else going on…you  know, taking care of Little Bear, keeping the house clean, and all the other day to day that is just a little bit more important than working on something that’s not 100% imperative. So the next best thing would be to give it to Little Bear on his first birthday in April. And it’s probably going to take that long to finish it. I started over a month ago and only have A for Apple, B for Blocks, and two thirds of C is for Cat done.

It’s quite and intricate quilt. It’s not only piecing together squares of fabric but actually embroidering the alphabet onto the fabric, then putting it all together to form a quilt. It’s also the first time I’ve attempted to make a quilt, so I’m really hoping that after I’ve put all the work into embroidering the alphabet it doesn’t all go horribly horribly wrong when I try to put it together!


Here’s what I’ve done so far: