How to Tell You’re a Grownup

The impending birth of my first child is, of course, a very good indicator of where I stand on the “Grown Up Scale”.  But besides that there seem to be subtle clues that keep popping up.  Things like, the fact that getting the mail used to be exciting but now fills me with dread wondering how many bills the box will hold today…or that my favorite part of my day is sitting on the couch in the evenings working on my latest sewing project.  And the biggest clues, by far, are the things that excite me.  This week it’s my new washer and dryer.

So much so that I felt the need to share with everyone.  In fact, the thought of my new washer and dryer is exciting enough to send me into fits of giggles that could rival a 13 year old who just saw Justin Beiber (what is so enticing about that kid anyway????)  This may sound slightly crazy, and I’m totally willing to accept your judgments, but there are things you need to know before you pass them.

I’ve been dreaming of a new washer and dryer since the day we moved into our condo.  The appliance we were formerly forced to do laundry in was absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever asked to wash clothes.  I would take a dorm laundry room over these monstrosities.  I’m fairly certain our old appliance was made around the same time I was, 1984.  The nosies it would make on spin cycle were akin to those of a paint can mixer.  Not to mention that you could only put in an average of four shirts per load, meaning I (and our poor neighbors) had to listen to the paint can mixer three times the normal amount of cycles it would take to wash a load.  But my laundry nightmare is over.

The heavens have opened and graced me with a beautiful, full sized, GE beauty that’s as silent as a church mouse.  As anyone who has ever taken care of a small child will tell you, laundry is a day to day inevitability.  And with a newborn on the way it was essential, for my sanity and Little Man’s sleep habits, that we get that noisy monstrosity out of here as quickly as possible!  I am seriously obsessed with this thing.  I swear it was made for new moms.  There’s even an anti-bacterial setting for all those cloth diapers I’m going to be washing.  And did I mention how quiet it is??

But seriously, wouldn’t you be excited?  Just look at this before and after…..










Yep, I’m in love.  With a washer and dryer.  This is how I KNOW I’ve finally taken that last step over and fully crossed the threshold into adulthood.