Happy Birthday Rooney!

Mother Nature must have known that Tuesday was a special day. We woke up to the coldest day of the year so far, and the Dutch Dog had an extra spring in his step during our morning walk. Rooney absolutely loves it when the hot, humid, sweltering weather of Summer subsides. I imagine that the crisp bite of the Fall air reminds him of being at home in Holland. Unfortunately for him we live in South Carolina and that cool air never lasts long. So for him to have a walk in the chilly breeze for his birthday was a special treat!

Three years old. Roo is officially an adult dog. Not that he knows it. Three is generally the age when a hyper-active adolescent dog starts to calm down and become a more well behaved member of canine society. Not Rooney. He’s still just as exuberant as ever!

Of course he got presents. First he got treated with a frozen peanut butter Kong, always a favorite, and then it was time to open gifts. We got Roo a toy from Kong (they seem to be the only brand of toys that he doesn’t immediately destroy) that is squeaky and a tug toy…all of his favorite things in one. He loves it! 

No birthday would be complete without a good nap, and Roo and Little Bear had a good one snuggling together. To top the day off he got to spend the evening doing zoomies around my Mom’s backyard and playing with his best doggie pal, Polo.

All in all a great birthday for Mr. Rooney!


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