Six Months Old

Happy Half Birthday Little Bear (well, Wednesday was really his six month mark but I couldn’t get a hold of the computer for long enough to write this until now so…)!!! I cannot believe that my sweet boy is half way to being a year old. That just seems impossible! Part of me is so happy at how big he’s getting and how much his personality has developed and another part of me wishes he was still the 6lb 12oz tiny baby we brought home from the hospital. It’s amazing how many changes six short months can bring. Really, even the changes that occur from month to month can be quite astounding.

Since last month Little Bear’s two bottom teeth have come all the way in and he has transformed from baby boy to piranha; biting down hard on anything he can sink those chompers into! He’s also started solids and is loving using the spoon! We made the mistake of letting him try to “feed himself” and now he insists on grabbing the spoon the second it gets near his mouth. As you can imagine, meal times are extremely messy! We’ve since started to take off his shirt before he eats.

He is also becoming quite the social butterfly. Everywhere we go people love to coo over him (as with most babies) and he can’t get enough of the attention. He always makes eye contact with his many admirers and flashes them a coy little toothy grin. His personality has really started to shine through in the past month. Little Bear is quite the silly boy. It seems that he takes after his mom and dad and is just as ticklish as we are. He finds it especially funny if you tickle the nape of his neck or blow raspberries into his armpit!

Little Bear definitely went through a growth spurt in the past month. He’s up to 17 1/2lbs and grew one whole inch! His legs are still short but he has got such a long torso. And of course his cheeks are getting bigger and rosier by the day.  You would think all that growing would wear him out and make him sleep more, but unfortunately not. I am still sleeping in the recliner for at least a couple hours a night. The past few nights have been better but not by much. Oh well, it won’t last forever.

Little Bear still hates “tummy time” and refuses to spend more than a minute or two lying on his stomach. I keep trying to build up to longer but he only gets annoyed and starts to cry. I worry that he’ll never learn to crawl if he doesn’t get the hang of holding himself up! His preferred method of movement is to lie on his back and kick his feet so that he moves forward or, usually, in a circle.

He did however reach a huge milestone this month…Little Bear learned to sit up!! He’s only been doing it properly for about a week and is still quite wobbly but he is having a blast with his new skill! And I couldn’t be more proud of him!

I can’t wait to see what new things he’ll have in store for us in the next month!



One thought on “Six Months Old

  1. Isn’t it crazy how small bits of time make SUCH a difference!? My Lil STILL doesn’t have teeth and I think she started working on them at 3 mo! He looks so cute and big!

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