Visit to Grandma & Grandpa’s

Little Bear took his second road trip this past weekend when we went down to Florida to visit Hubby’s parents (and to go house hunting!). The drive usually takes about six hours without having to stop, so with Little Bear along for the ride it’s almost guaranteed to take at least seven. The ride down went fairly well. We got an earlyish start after dropping Roo off at my Mom’s house for his weekend sleepover. {He’s not allowed to go to his Florida grandparent’s house anymore….Grandpa says he’s too big. Rubbish, I say! It’s ok though, he loves it at my Mom’s house. He can run around in the yard and he has Polo, my Mom’s Westie x, to play with.} Things started off a bit, um, loudly…with Little Bear letting us know he wasn’t keen on being strapped into his seat. These declarations lasted for about 45 minutes until he wore himself out and took a snooze. He slept almost all the way through Georgia! We stopped for a quick feed and a diaper change about 15 miles from the border, and then after a {too short} nap we stopped again about 80 miles from our destination.

This trip down was especially special because Little Bear got to meet his Uncle Tyler for the very first time! Hubby’s younger brother is in the Army and is getting stationed in Texas soon before being deployed next year, and we were all really excited to see him before he leaves. As you can see they were both very intrigued by one another! Uncle Tyler is super tall and Little Bear had so much fun sitting up on his shoulders…and trying to eat his hair while he was up there! You can already tell that those two are going to get on quite well when Little Bear is older.

Friday was a big day for Little Bear and another first for him. He got to go in a swimming pool! He’s always loved the water and taking a bath so we were really excited to get him in the pool. He had such a good time. The water was a good deal colder than what his bath water is and so he was a little unsure about it at first, but when we showed him that he could still kick and splash around he decided he would have a good time! Hubby, Tyler, and I were all in the pool and took turns walking around with him and playing with him in his floaty starfish. It was so cute to see him experience that for the first time.

On Saturday our friend’s son had a soccer match that we went with them to. It was a lot of fun to watch the kids play. Hubby and I are SERIOUS footie fans. The moment Little Bear is old enough…as in at around three years old…he is being signed up to play. Going to watch the U9’s play was like a glimpse into how we will be spending our Saturday mornings in the {not so} distant future. While Hubby and I were at the game Grandma and Grandpa watched Little Bear for us. It was close to noon when we got back home and he had not taken a nap all morning! Turns out he wasn’t going to take a nap at all on Saturday.

Hubby went and played golf with his best friend, and my MIL and I were supposed to go and have a pedicure, and bring Little Bear with us. Usually he is good about going places, but on this particular Saturday we decided not to even risk it. And a good thing too. He really didn’t take a single nap on Saturday, and so was uber grumpy. He fussed and fussed and fussed all day long.

Have I mentioned that I won the Mother in Law lottery when Hubby and I got married? She is the sweetest woman and I love her to bits! If it hadn’t been for her I honestly would have lost my mind on Saturday. She was such a huge help in taking care of Little Bear and giving me breaks when I couldn’t listen to him whining fornoapparentreason any longer.

I never realised how much a different routine and environment could throw a baby off, but Little Bear was thrown completely out of sorts by our trip, and it came to a head on Saturday. When he was still awake at 7:30 we decided to do the one thing that was guaranteed to force him into never never land…take a ride in the car. Usually he’s out in about five minutes…15 tops…not today. Forty five minutes later he finally fell asleep! There was no way we were waking him up to take him out of the car seat {as I always say, DON’T POKE THE BEAR!} and so he stayed in there at Grandma and Grandpa’s house while Hubby and I went over to our friend’s house for an hour or so. When we got back he was still asleep and stayed that way until 1:30am! I feel badly that he slept in his car seat for six hours, but on the other hand that’s the longest stretch he’s slept for in months!

Thankfully he was so exhausted from Saturday that he practically slept the whole way home on Sunday!


One thought on “Visit to Grandma & Grandpa’s

  1. We were going to sign Gooner’s up for football when she was three, BUT we are waiting one more year before “swarm ball”. Your little is so cute.

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