The Cone of Shame

South Carolina is HOT! This Summer’s heat has been unbearable for almost everyone, but for a dog from The Netherlands it’s downright torture. Roo’s skin simply can’t handle the heat, humidity, and mosquitos that are a pre-requisite accompaniment to it all. Last summer wasn’t too bad…a few hot spots here and there, easily taken care of by a few sprays of Betagen. This summer is a whole different story. He is literally eating himself alive. And so, he is forced to wear the cone of shame…

He is so miserable, but then again, chewing himself until he bleeds can’t exactly be a good time.

Rooney has allergies year round, these include shellfish, duck, grains, and mosquitos. If he comes into contact with any of these things his entire body breaks out into some of the worst hives you’ve ever seen. Come Summertime you can add grass to that list, and even if we are painstakingly diligent about making sure he avoids all allergens (except grass…that’s pretty much impossible) the heat alone is enough for him to break out into a few dozen welts.

I was hoping that after last summer his skin would adjust to living in the South. After all, he’s now been here just as long as he lived in Holland. Unfortunately that just didn’t happen; and it seems like it never will. The vet and I have had many conversations on the state of his skin and she seems to think that it’s just something we’re going to have to try to manage from here on out.

Management, unfortunately, is not an easy task. We’ve gone through countless brands of food, at least three different sprays, several rounds of steroids, added a few oils just to get his skin “under control”. His coat still doesn’t look the way it did when we lived in Amsterdam, and I’m sad to say I don’t think it ever will…unless we make an unforeseen move up North. After much experimentation our current concoction for less itchy skin is as follows:

2 Oatmeal & Aloe baths per week                                                                                    A complete body spray down of “fast relief hot spot spray” three times a day                A spray down of organic mosquito repellent every time he goes outside                          1 tsp of Olive Oil mixed into his food twice a day                                                             1 anti histamine a day                                                                                                       A diet of grain free red meat/vegetable dry food

Whew! Poor thing, I know he’s miserable. It must be a kin to having the chicken pox for three months out of the year….all you want to do is scratch but your parents won’t let you! Hopefully this new regiment will make him feel (and look) at least a little better!





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