First Well Visit

Little Bear had his first well visit at the pediatrician’s yesterday. Yes he is three months old and yes it was supposed to be done a month ago, but due to our *$#%*@! insurance and lack of open appointments and an ear infection it was yesterday. It is always somewhat bizarre for me to go to our peds office as it is the same one that I went to as a child.

¬†All in all it was a good visit. He is growing and developing and lightning speed! When we went in the Saturday before July 4th they weighed him at 14 pounds even; he is now 14lbs 8oz! Which puts him in the 95% for weight and at 25 1/2in he is in the 97% for height. That’s my big boy! His ear infection is also totally cleared up, thank goodness!

Then came the immunizations. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a scream like that before, and am certainly not looking forward to hearing it again the next time we go in. Everyone says that it’s going to hurt you as a mom but no one tells you just how much. I *almost* started crying myself.

When we got home Little Bear was ready for a nap. He completely crashed for three hours.

Thank goodness for those three hours…for him at least. Because the only one in our house who got any sleep last night was Rooney! I. Am. Exhausted. Please someone tell me he’s going to sleep better tonight…or at least go back to taking his normal two naps!

Stupid shots!



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