Roo’s Day at the Park

I’ve been a bad mommy. A bad doggie mommy. Since Mason has come into our lives poor Rooney has been seriously neglected. I’m sure this is a very common occurrence in families whose first “child” is a dog (or cat, I guess, I’m not a cat person…); a two legged baby comes along and the four legged one takes the natural step down on the totem pole. To his credit Roo has taken on his new role of big brother absolutely beautifully. He and Little Bear are always sleeping and cuddling on the couch together (with constant supervision of course), and he has takes his job of spit up cleaner upper very seriously! Despite this, he is definitely not getting near the amount of attention, and exercise, he needs. So last Saturday when Hubby and I took both the kids for lunch and an outing at the park you could say he was well, ecstatic!

Out to Lunch

First we had lunch

Then went for a little swim

Chased a lizard up a tree

Barked at some geese

It was basically the best day ever if you’re a dog! He was asleep within ten minutes of getting back in the car, but even in his sleep he couldn’t wipe the big ol’ pibble smile off his face! I think we might make this a weekly outing.


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