Rawhide Reminder

As a new mom it’s hard to keep an eye on the million other things going on in my house on a daily basis. And unfortunately, that sometimes includes what Rooney is doing. I just haven’t quite mastered the “mom skill” of multi tasking, but hopefully it will come with time and practice…well, it better because my house is a mess!

Among the many things I needed to get done yesterday was write my monthly pet product review. This month’s product was a Bully Braid and boy was Rooney excited to participate in this one. He smelled that thing through the packaging and has been hanging out next to the mail table it’s been sitting on ever since it came on Tuesday.

We’d reviewed this particular product before so I knew it was going to be a hit. The only difference between then and now is that last time I was able to keep an eye on him while he ate it. He’s got those super strong Bully jaws and so most “long lasting” treats and bones only last about twenty minutes tops at our house.

As you can see he was happy to do his “job” yesterday:

Thankfully I wasn’t too distracted with Mason to notice that after about ten minutes of enthusiastic chewing Rooney was making gagging noises. I looked over and surprise surprise the bully braid was completely gone and Roo was wandering around the room throwing up brown foam. Long story short I ended up having to stick my hand down his throat and pulling out a six inch piece of rawhide that was stuck in there. Thankfully he hadn’t been able to swallow it or we would have been making a trip to the vet, or worse I would have just assumed he’d finished it as quickly as he is usually able to and he would have ended up with an obstructed bowel and would have had to have surgery.

Lesson: (And this goes for all dogs, no matter their size or how long it takes them to eat the rawhide) Always watch your dog when he’s chewing on a rawhide. They’re great treats but they also pose a big obstruction risk. And ALWAYS choose a natural product. Processed rawhide (the ones at the supermarket that are all bleached out and in layers) does not digest as well as the natural ones and can especially pose a risk to your pup.


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