The Skies are Friendly Once Again

Update on United Airlines policy on dangerous dogs:

We did it! Thanks to everyone who signed the petition to get United Airlines to repeal their “Dangerous Dog” pet policy. As of a few days ago they have officially dropped the discriminatory policy and the skies are once again friendly to Bully breeds.

It goes to show that if enough people band together for something that they believe in we can make a change and a difference. Changing the public’s mind about Pit Bulls and other Bully breeds is a challenge, but slowly but surely we can alter the public’s perception and show them the true nature of these great dogs.

There are always opportunities to be an advocate for Bullies, and if you own one of these awesome canines there is so much you can do to make your own dog an ambassador.¬†recently wrote a great article on the most productive ways to advocate for Bullies. Please read “The 5 “A’s” of Advocacy”, and take a stand for the most misunderstood pups of the doggie world!


One thought on “The Skies are Friendly Once Again

  1. Thanks so much for sharing our advocacy post! You are exactly right, we CAN make a difference…and we are! Little steps everyday in the right direction are creating a better lives for the dogs of today and the future!

    Laura Petrolino

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