Welcome to the World!!

Hubby and I are absolutely ecstatic to introduce to you…our little man Mason Jesse!  He entered this world at 9:10pm last Tuesday, April 3rd; he measured 20 1/2 in and weighed 6lbs 12oz (not exactly as tiny as everyone was predicting!). I was induced on Monday afternoon, and after a long 26 hours in labor got the best payoff in the entire world.

We are slowly but surely adjusting to life as new parents and to a general lack of sleep. Though I’m happy to say that last night he slept four hours straight…victory! Motherhood is the most incredible experience so far and I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things that Mason has in store for us as he grows and develops. I find the greatest joy in the simplest things about him. He may only be a week old but he is already developing quite his own personality and everyday he makes new and different noises and faces. To say I’m obsessed is a serious understatement!

One thing that has surprised me is the recovery involved after giving birth. I certainly knew that I wouldn’t immediately go back to my pre-pregnancy self but just how yuck I feel has me completely blindsided. Even my knees are killing me! Not to mention, I’m pretty sure I’m carrying around at least 6 pounds of boobage (something I’m not at all used to…they are so sore…hello, engorgement!!).  The general consensus seems to be that six weeks is the magic number. Six weeks till we can put Mason on a sleep schedule and six weeks till I become a functioning feel good human being again.

We have our first pediatrician appointment tomorrow, and I can’t wait to hear what all he has to say!


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