Anxious Anticipation

Rabbit Rabbit! Welcome to April. This is going to be the best month of my life, Little Man is (no matter what) making his big debut this month. And it’s looking like sooner rather than later.  Last Wednesday made me officially 39 weeks pregnant,39 Weeks and with that came our requisite weekly OB appointment.

We knew we were having another ultrasound this week since, once again, I was measuring small. Any time I have to have a growth ultrasound I go into a sort of worry spiral that I know can not be healthy for my mental health. Add to the that the fact that our doctor was on a cruise this week so I was going to have to see someone who I had never met before. Ugh! All week it was just, Hurry Up Friday Let’s Get This Over With!!

The whole week Hubby had been taking bets over how big Little Man has gotten and wether, if he was still on the small side, they would want to go ahead and induce me this weekend. He’s really ready for Little Man to make his arrival (I ,however, teeter back and forth between I’m really ready to meet him and pure fear over impending labor)! Well, I’m still pregnant. But that could have more to do with the fact that our OB was getting a tan this week than anything else.

The ultrasound showed that he is definitely on the small side…about 6lbs 1oz…and right over the edge of being growth restricted. Basically his arms and legs are a bit shorter than normal but his stomach is a good size so they are not overly worried but are leaning on the cautious size. It’s so hard to hear anything other than “your baby is perfectly average”. I know that there are SO MANY other families in this world whose children are below the “norm” and who lead perfectly normal lives, and even beyond that.  And of course if Little Man was or is anything besides what is considered normal he will be loved and cherished just the same, no matter what.

And so we’re waiting…

Our doctor gets back on Monday and we have an appointment with her that afternoon to discuss the results of the ultrasound and to “talk options”. So once again all we can do is say a prayer and wait. Maybe I’ll go into labor today and not have to deal with this anxiousness any longer…but probably not!


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