Diving Into Fluff

When I first found out that I was pregnant I immediately started trying to find ways to save money…these little buggers are expensive!!  What I found, and was shocked by, was just how costly disposable diapers are.  And then I discovered cloth diapers and all the benefits that come with them. Not only will we end up saving at least $1000 over the course of Little Man being in nappies, but the health and environmental benefits alone are worth at least taking a look into for any new parent.

And these aren’t your Grandmomma’s (or Mother’s) cloth diapers either.  No sir.  CDs (that’s Cloth Diapers not Compact Discs) have come a long way baby! But I have to admit that since they’ve come such a long way there’s a lot of information out there, and a lot of options too. Anyone who has ever cloth diapered in this modern age knows that all that information can be insanely overwhelming and totally confusing. There are countless systems: All in Ones, Prefolds, All in Twos, Pocket Diapers, the list goes on and on, and there are abbreviations for everything! Abbreviations that CD vets bandy about with wild abandon as we newbies stare at our computer screens with eyes that are glazed over and slowly going crossed. I once spent SIX HOURS doing cloth research. And once you’ve finally decided on a system (we’re going to be using prefolds with several all in ones for when we’re traveling, going to the dr.’s, need to be able to change in a flash) there are about a million different brands to figure out which ones are best.

So with all this information and the preconceptions of the cloth diapering days of old it’s no wonder that almost everyone I’ve told looks at me like I’m a crazy person. Bless my hubby, he just lets me do what I want and goes along with it. Friends and family have not been so encouraging…my mother makes snide comments on an almost weekly basis about how she’s sure I’m going to get  frustrated after week in and give up. At this point, regardless of how frustrating I may find it, I’ve put so much effort in already that there’s no way I’m going to give up!

And so I’ve compiled my newborn stash of fluff. Four AIOs, seven covers, 30 prefolds, a roll of disposable liners, old receiving blankets cut and sewn into wipes, a spray bottle of home made wipe spray, and several Snappis. I’m also lucky enough to live in a city where we’re getting our own store completely dedicated to Cloth.  Modern Cloth will be opening a store in May!  When it came time to order my fluff stash and I found their fantastic website I could have done cartwheels to find they were based in Charleston.  If you aren’t lucky enough to live in this fantastic city don’t despair…they ship anywhere in the US, so go check them out if you’re even thinking about starting to use Cloth.

There’s exactly one week till my due date (!!!) and once Little Man makes his debut I’ll be sure to continue updating on my adventure into Cloth Diapering.

Has anyone else used CD on their kids? Were you successful or did you give up? Any tips you can give me?


3 thoughts on “Diving Into Fluff

  1. I didn’t try cloth diapers with my son, but after learning about the chemicals in disposables and their effect, I may try them for the next one! I did buy one for potty training, but haven’t put it into effect yet. Hope it goes well for you and your little one!

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