Chubby Cheeks and Sighs of Relief

He’s ok!!!

I started breathing again, for the first time in two weeks, yesterday.  As we sat in the waiting room before our ultrasound I could feel the anxiety pulsing through me.  Mom and Hubby are just chatting away and all I could think was “How are y’all being so nonchalant about this??  We’re about to find out if Little Man is developing correctly or not!  AM I THE ONLY ONE FREAKING OUT HERE???”  But of course, Hubby says I worry enough for the both of us.

As we walked into the ultrasound room I could feel myself shaking.  Then the sonographer put the wand on my belly and Little Man appeared on the screen and all my worries just flew out the window.  And the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard came out of her mouth,  “He looks perfect.  Right on track.”  I cried, Hubby cried, Mom cried.  Proof that prayer is a powerful thing.  I am just so thankful and feel so blessed that my sweet baby boy is ok.  He currently weighs in at about 4 lbs 10 oz and should get up to 6 1/2-7 by the time he’s born.  He is in the 25 percentile but because I’m so small the doctor assured me this was a good thing so that I’ll still be able to give birth the natural way (the way I want to!).  All his organs are functioning the way they should be, his brain is developing at the right track, and he’s even in the right position…head down and continuously kicking me in the ribs!

Then the fun part started.  We got a chance to take a look at his handsome face.  I know every Mom says this but, he is so cute!  His cheeks are seriously chubby and I cannot wait to squeeze them.  He’s already got a full head of hair, you could see the fuzzies sticking up on top, and unfortunately for him he’s inherited the “Kluttz” toe (his second toe is longer than the big toe, a feature almost everyone on my Mom’s side of the family has…except me.  And something I’ve teased my cousin about our whole lives.  PAYBACK!)  I’ve never felt a rush of love like the one I experienced while looking at him up on the screen.  He is so amazingly perfect and beautiful that it gives me chills.  If I feel this way now I can’t imagine the emotions that will swell up when I hold him for the first time.

The ultrasound was scheduled for 11:15 which is Little Man’s usual mid-morning nap time.  This means he did not want to cooperate for pictures whatsoever.  And he was not happy about being woken up.  The sonographer would shake and poke my tummy to try to get him to put his hand down away from his face and he was not having it.  At one point he stuck that bottom lip out in a full on pout, scrunched up his face and started “crying”.  It was like he’s already developing a personality…one just like Daddy, temperamental about being woken up!

I am beyond relieved that he is ok, and now I’m even more excited to meet this little guy.  Yesterday made the pain of the needles being stuck in me for the Iron infusions 100% totally worth it.  I would go seven days a week if it meant that Little Man would keep on being as perfect as he is now.


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