The Human Pincushion

It’s been about a week since the OB told me she was worried about Little Man not developing on track and ordering the growth ultrasound that I’ll have done on Tuesday.  I had finally started come to terms with the fact that there was nothing I could do except rest and wait, and was making a real effort not to spend every second of the day worrying myself into a panic.  And then on Wednesday the OB Nurse called with the results of my blood work.

They needed to refer me to a hematologist because, frankly, they didn’t know what was going on.  Thankfully the hematologist’s office called about an hour later and they were able to schedule me in for Thursday morning.  Needless to say, it was hard for me to sleep Wednesday night.

When we got to the hematologist they drew more blood (the fourth time I’ve had it drawn in two weeks), and then we waited.  Good news, my blood pressure has come up a little bit.  It’s been low the past few weeks, but it could have come up because of stress…When we finally got to see the physician’s assistant, who was just so nice, we finally got down to what they think is going on.

Basically, my blood is becoming a medical mystery (so comforting!!).  I’m still anemic; my ferritin and hemoglobin levels are low, and the iron supplements and my exhausting efforts to ensure absorption aren’t working.  This should make my red blood cells small.  Weirdly, my red blood cells are normal sized.  This means I’m also deficient in something else…they just don’t know what.  Probably something like B12 or Folate, but they’re going to to have to run more tests to narrow it down.

In the mean time, because the supplements aren’t getting the job done, I’ve been started on a course of IV iron.  And because I’m so far along I have to have the infusion twice a week!  So every Monday and Thursday I’ll be spending an hour in a chair hooked up to an IV for the next six weeks.  Hence the “Human Pin Cushion” feeling!  As if I wasn’t already tired of being stuck!  But it’s all for Little Man, and that’s what matters above all else.

These complications and the stress that comes along with them makes my Survival List  all the more important.  Especially a good support system.  There is NO WAY I would have been able to get through the past week without Hubby, Mummy, and the rest of my amazingly wonderful friends and family who have been nothing but concerned and full of the love and support that we need right now!


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