Leave the Cheese and Bring on the (real) Love

I love Valentine’s Day.  I mean, I’m a fan of most holidays but V Day is on my short list of favorites (right after Christmas and my birthday (it’s election day every eight years or so…it counts)).  But Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s idea of a good day.  For a lot of singles it’s a day to bring attention to their singleness, and not in a good way.  For guys it’s a day where they have to live up to unreasonable expectations of gifts that sparkle, or will be eaten in a matter of minutes, or die several days later.  And for a lot of girls it’s a day to be let down, because said guy didn’t deliver enough sparkle, or decadence, or allergy inducing beauty.  All over the world there are women crying today because they’ve been let down in the romance department.  It is, without a doubt, the most commercialized of all the holidays; given a bad name by the big card, flower, and confectionary companies looking to make a buck.  But that is not what Valentine’s Day is about.  It’s about LOVE!!!! Pure, true, uncommericalized love.  And if we all came to realize this fact there would be a lot less complaining about and hating on St. Valentine!

And that’s what I love about this day…ALL THE LOVE!!  Not just the love Hubby and I share, but the love I have for the special people in my life.  Because, as First Corinthians says: Love is the greatest of all.  And it’s important to share that love and spread it around like it’s strawberry preserves.  To me, a perfect Valentine’s Day is surrounding yourself with as many people you love and who love you.  Of course what would V Day be without a little snuggle time with your honey??  Once the sun goes down it’s time for some quality time with the one nearest and dearest to your heart.

This year is an especially special Valentine’s Day.  It’s the first we’ll be spending as a married couple…and the last that we’ll be alone in the house for.  That means lots of quality time, just the two of us tonight.  And nothing says love like a homemade meal prepared together.  Jesse is making his specialty, steak and twice baked potatoes (yum!!) and I’m in charge of dessert.  On our cruise we ate Molten Chocolate Lava Cake.  Since then Jesse has been begging me to make it at home, so tonight I’m giving it a try.  I’m not the best baker in the world so there will be a prayer said before I attempt this…hope it turns out well.  I’ll let y’all know tomorrow!!

Have a good night!!!


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