The Importance of Sweat Pants…and other things essential to the third trimester.

Someone should invent a third trimester survival kit.  It’s probably out there somewhere, but I have yet to find one so I’ve come up with a list of things that are indispensable at this point in my pregnancy.  I was lucky to have an easy time of it up until now, but whew has it hit me like a ton of bricks just how rough being preggers can make you feel!  So, without further ado…here’s my list of can’t live withouts…

1) Several pairs of REALLY GOOD sweatpants.  Before I was pregnant I loved the style of celebs like Victoria Beckham, now when I see Miss Posh Spice  all I can think is “Oh Hell No!!”.  God bless the women who wear heels and mini skirts through all nine months.  I am not one of them.  Comfort is key.  They may not be the cutest option when it comes to maternity wear, but when you’re feeling like a grizzly bear who’s on the verge of hibernation they are the best things on Earth.


2) Comfy shoes.  Like I said, comfort is key!!  I wore heels up until half way through my seventh month.  But then one day my feet decided to go up a size and the Jimmy Choos went to the back of the closet and the Rainbows and Uggs came to the front.  This wasn’t really a huge change for me.  I’m naturally clumsy and heels weren’t exactly an everyday thing.  I’ve always pretty much lived in flip flops (what girl from SC doesn’t??) but never have I appreciated them so much.

3) A good book.  At my 30 week doctor’s appointment I was diagnosed as anemic.  This means I’ve had about zero energy.  All I can keep thinking is how glad I am that this is my first pregnancy, and that I still have the luxury of being able to spend the day resting in bed.  But there’s only so much reality tv I can watch.  Books are so important to my sanity, and it’s fun to read to my tummy too!



4) A body or pregnancy pillow.  It’s hard enough finding a comfortable temperature to be able to fall asleep in.  Add to that the three to five times you’re getting up to tinkle.  So if your ever-growing belly doesn’t have any support and you don’t have a good position to sleep in….just forget about it.  The downside to the pillow is that it literally has created a wedge between the hubs and I in bed.  But that’s a small price to pay for precious sleep.  If I don’t have my body pillow with me I can only guarantee myself an hour of sleep, versus at least five with.  Life changing!  There are some seriously fancy pregnancy pillows out there (with seriously fancy price tags to go along with them) but a good old fashioned body pillow does the trick for me.

5) A GOOD SUPPORT SYSTEM!!!!  By far the most important thing on the list.  If I didn’t have my amazing husband and truly wonderful friends and family I have no idea what I would do.  If it were up to the hubs I would live in a plastic bubble.  While that’s not exactly the most practical thing in the world, it makes such a big difference to know how much he cares.  Not only about me, but Little Man too.  If ever I’m having a day where I just can’t function (thanks Anemia!) he’s quick to jump to action, making sure I’m in bed resting and even cooking dinner.  And the women in my life?  The best!  “Fat days” are a pretty common occurrence as of late, and the hormones that are prerequisite to this stage of life make crying just as common.  Sometimes you just need a girl’s day to make you feel like a million bucks.


This is my list of the things I can’t live without.  Without these five things the third trimester would be totally unbearable!  I don’t know what I would do!!  What are some of YOUR absolute necessities???




2 thoughts on “The Importance of Sweat Pants…and other things essential to the third trimester.

  1. I’m 36 weeks today with my first and can completely understand where you’re coming from – I thought I was doing great until I noticed how tired I was and how quickly I was getting short of breath and how doing the dishes/hoovering really gives me back ache!!
    I’ve been living in tracksuit bottoms, ugg boots, sports bra’s (no other bra is comfortable), taken to sleeping on my sofa as the bed is no longer working for me and I’m anaemic too so a nap everyday at 4pm for 30 mins helps xx

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