Scare Them All

It seems like reproductive issues are taking up a lot of headlines as of late.  Planned Parenthood is at the forefront of the Republican race for the GOP nomination; not to mention the whole Komen Foundation debacle (which they later went back on).

Every time you turn around one of the girls from Teen Mom are in the news for something.  Half of them are in and out of jail  or are in and out of rehab on a weekly basis.  While the other half are glamorized on the covers of magazines.

Then last week South Carolina announced that our teen pregnancy rates had dropped to the lowest percentage they’ve ever been at.  Despite this major achievement we’re still 12th in the nation (!!!) for teens who become pregnant.  Not a good statistic.

All this really got me thinking.  Are teens really getting the information they need when it comes to unprotected vs. safe sex and the consequences that accompany those decisions?  Do they pay attention to the troubles and drama the girls on MTV are going through, or do they just see people on TV who are now famous for getting pregnant before they’re out of High School?  And then it hit me.  I realized a way to make girls, at least, think twice before hopping into bed with someone unprotected.

The majority of schools have sex education.  Even my far right wing parochial school had sex ed to at least teach us about the birds and bees.  We need to add an essential element to this day of school….bring in a pregnant woman and let those girls in on just what the reality of pregnancy is like.  Not the “beautiful experience” it’s made out to be by our mothers and the movies, but the gassy, uncomfortable, body destroying reality of it all.  Teenage girls are selfish and conceited, you show them what it’s like to wear a bikini at eight months pregnant it’ll be as good as putting on a chastity belt.

As I write this I am laying in bed at 4 in the afternoon because of how terrible I feel from drinking a glass of orange juice (oh the heartburn!!!).  I’m far beyond being able to wear normal clothes, and anyone who’s been preggers knows that A) maternity clothes are not cheap and B) they may have come a long way from the days of our mother’s mumus but that doesn’t mean they’re flattering in any way!  Sometimes I’m afraid to move in front of Jesse for fear of what kind of uncontrollable noises my body might make if I do.  All of this will sound like torture to a teenager!  What’s YOUR opinion on the issue?


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