Hello Third Trimester!

I am 30 weeks and 2 days pregnant today!  Gone are the days of bump envy (I didn’t start showing till the middle of my sixth month and it was really making me sad, I’m still “small” but you can definitely tell I’m preggers!)  Back are the days of extreme exhaustion.  Continuing are the days of torturous heartburn (If there’s one thing that’s been a constant in my pregnancy it is serious heartburn!!  If the old wives’ tales are true I’m going to give birth to a seriously furry baby!).

The closer I get to my due date the more I worry; it’s killing me!  Is this what motherhood is like?  You’re just one big ball of nerves all the time?  I’ve been counting my kicks like a good pregnant chickadee, and despite Little Man being extremely active, I swear he’s not as active as he should be.  And I should really not be allowed on pregnancy websites.  My doctor says they are the bane of her existence.  My mantra at this point is “Women have been giving birth for thousands of years”  as long as I remind myself of that, about a hundred times a day, I tend to remain relatively calm.

I had my routine, every-two-weeks, OB appointment yesterday and the Dr let me know that I am severely anemic.  I knew being THIS tired wasn’t normal, and I’m glad to have an answer as to why.  I had a feeling I would become anemic at some point in my pregnancy; I’ve been borderline my whole life so it was bound to happen.  My doctor put me on a supplement and I should be feeling better soon.  And thank goodness, I’m just so tired of being tired!!

On a seriously brighter note….my Mom and I also did some serious baby shopping yesterday!!  We managed to get a crib, stroller, nightstand, pack & play, crib mattress, and lots of other baby and new mommy accessories.  I was exhausted by the time we were done that I fell asleep at around 7 last night!  But not before Jesse and I (mostly Jesse) put together the stroller and pack & play.  We had such a good time putting them together, although I definitely heard the hubby mutter a few choice words and there was one outburst of “Who designs these things?!?!?!”

I’m so excited to be in the home stretch!!  Every day brings more anticipation and I truly cannot wait to meet Mason.  It’s so amazing how much I love him already…and we’ve never even met!



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